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How to Avoid Burnout in the Workplace, Achieve Balance and Flourish

Bianca Best, author of new book Flourish

Bianca’s six-step programme teaches simple, effective routes to maximise impact and joy. A bible for alpha females!

Burnout is now such a significant workplace issue that it is a legitimate medical diagnosis, recently added to the International Classification of Diseases, or the ICD-11, the World Health Organization's handbook that guides medical providers in analysing conditions. It is therefore not surprising that Bianca Best’s new book Flourish which deals with banishing burnouts, has soared to the top of Amazon’s bestseller list.

Bianca Best is well qualified to advise women that ‘having it all’ without burnout is a modern myth. The lady is an irrepressible businesswoman, ‘techpreneur’, a media industry leader, author, networker and self-confessed driven woman. She is additionally a transformational coach and

“Amazing women aren’t burning brightly. They’re burning out – and burning out young,” says Ms Best. “Women are working hard, playing hard and sadly losing respect for themselves and their natural rhythms. In all of this drive to succeed and achieve, we’re also losing our sense of belonging and community.”

The author knows only too well what happens when supposed ‘extreme productivity’ leads to burnout and weeks spent in bed immobile, while experiencing an immune collapse. “Many times, I’ve cracked in the wake of frenzied productivity and become useless. I’ve lost weeks of my life, bedridden with immune collapse. I’ve lost time, comatose with exhaustion. I’ve even lost my hair.”

Bianca Best says, “There’s a steely exterior that yells, ‘I’ve got it all’. Yet the truth is far from that. I’ve been on a long arduous journey. I’ve oscillated from exhilarating entrepreneurial business wins to soul-destroying corporate overwhelm. From domestic bliss to unrelenting personal chaos.”

Never one to do anything by halves, the youthful-looking 44-year-old mother of four (including 9-year-old-twins) shares her life hacks for high-achieving women in Flourish demonstrating how she confidently succeeds on her own terms.

Lady Nicola Mendelsohn CBE, Vice President for Europe, Middle East, and Africa for Facebook says, “Flourish provides great solutions to endlessly chasing balance by teaching practical ways for women to step into the realms of happy, impactful productivity.”

This view is shared by Baroness Karren Brady CBE who says, “This is a transformational guide for ambitious women buffeted by the whirlwind of modern life. Flourish offers a practical antidote to the ephemeral pursuit of ‘balance’, encouraging women to redefine success on their terms and stop cycles of burnout once and for all. Bianca’s six-step programme teaches simple, effective routes to maximise impact and joy. A bible for alpha females!”

Four years ago, Bianca Best broke the cycle, discovering a way to achieve a non-conformist, personal and fresh version of success, finding a life that blends work, family, passions, friends, health, fitness and spirituality into a harmonious whole. She banished her burnouts.

Bianca learned from her experiences, noticed patterns of behaviour and discovered how to consciously seize control. She’s created a model in six logical steps with her Energy-SCAPE™ programme. It’s designed to identify an individual’s energy flow and equip them with the tools to thrive, not merely survive.

The programme covers the topics of energy, self-awareness, cleansing, action, play and enrichment. The new Flourish book is full of sound advice and has the additional benefit of including practical exercises, leading to accelerated self-awareness and calm.

Extreme Productivity

There are six core areas that high-attaining women need to pay attention to if they want to honour the ‘productivity balance system’. It covers sleep, diet, fake energy, relaxation, extreme productivity and emotional stress.

“Extreme productivity is an all-too-common energy crime committed by modern women every day”, says the transformational coach. “It’s something we high-achieving women are proud to have burnt into our psyches. We almost don’t notice that we’re extreme. We consider it part of life’s plan.

“All too often we trip head-long into frantic productivity through social conditioning born of competitiveness and goal obsession, with abominable disregard for other areas of our lives. It’s also a way of hiding from emotional stress.”

Top Hacks to Help Create Productivity Balance

The anti-burnout coach’s advice includes the following advice to redefine success plus create more time, energy, impact and happiness.

• Create a sanctuary in your bedroom.
• Beware of blue light from screens.
• Soak in an aromatherapy bath.
• Eat no food after 8:00 PM.
• Read.
• Enjoy silence.
• Allow time for reflection.

• Create space for yourself.
• Practice mindfulness.
• Keep a journal.
• Master the act of listening.
• Gain different perspectives.
• ‘Flip’ your limiting beliefs.
• Identify your values.
• Trust your intuition.

• Stop, retreat and renew.
• Respect the necessity of taking a break.
• Be kind.
• Learn – lessons are everywhere, whether they’re presented as such or not.
• Follow your passion through work.
• Care about others.
• Have inspiring relationships.
• Try journaling for reflection and making wishes.
• Feed your soul by capturing thoughts and photos that fill you with joy.
• Make your home a haven.

For further information, please refer to the new book Flourish by Bianca Best (published by Rethink Press at £12.99). In addition, the author runs courses and workshops, including a retreat in Portugal in September 2020.

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Copies of the book Flourish by Bianca Best (published by Rethink Press at £12.99) are available for review.

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About Bianca Best:

Bianca Best is an award-winning advertising agency executive, entrepreneur, mother of four – and a living example of balance. She began her career in journalism and moved into advertising before starting her own technology business from home whilst looking after her young children. After an exhilarating decade before her business sale, more recently she has embraced a global leadership role in the world’s largest media agency running an emerging technology division. Bianca continues to describe her CV as a chronology of passions explored and has a personal mission to create business cultures rich with empowerment, productivity and kindness.

A certified leadership coach, hypnotherapist and neuro linguistic practitioner, Bianca is dedicated to energising and motivating ambitious individuals to maximise their impact. She teaches that with conscious and intentional living, balance, joy and optimal productivity are all achievable. Bianca empowers women to flourish as their best selves by hosting wellbeing events both privately and for large corporates such as Amazon; through keynotes at global conferences such as Women in Silicon Valley; through individual coaching; and by offering inspiring insight and effective female-oriented life hacks on and Bianca’s own woman-to-woman skill share site