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Biltong Company

Biltong2u Ltd are leading specialists in the supply of both premium quality South African Game Biltong Meat and South African Beef Biltong. These great all-meat products originally originated in South Africa but their popularity means sales of Biltong has rapidly spread to the markets in Europe, America and Australia after more and more people discover their unique taste. Often associated with beef jerky there is no doubt that they are similar products although they differ in ingredients and preparations.

There are still a large number of people still unaware of their true health benefits; If you require a good source of protein, whether you are looking to gain muscles or lose weight biltong could be an ideal snack for you. It is known by many as a safe protein snack because although it provides good levels of protein it does not contain any carcinogenic ingredients. Biltong is also low in carbohydrates, which can often be one of the reasons associated with weight...

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