New online bookshop to over-represent the under-represented with its selection of storybooks, graphic novels and gifts for kids and teens

{{Over-representing characters that are under-represented is the goal of new online kids book and gift shop Bivowak}}. Announcing its launch today will stock an inclusive range of storybooks, graphic novels and reference books alongside posters, cards and party invitations for children and young teens.

Bivowak focuses on books with pictures and stock is carefully curated in order to over-index on characters that are less visible across children’s film and TV, kids magazines, down toy aisles or through licensed products and apparel. The store will also support a diverse set of voices and illustrators on its virtual aisles and carries an exclusive range of cards and postcards which are available direct to consumer and retail trade too.

“We read to our children every day and as the books on our bookshelves grew we wanted to make sure that some reflected our family but also the kids and families around us. And that’s really where the idea for Bivowak came from, great stories that just so happen to have a character of colour, a female brainiac or features two dads without that having to be the reason for the story,” explains Nicola Taylor the creator of the new store.

“Books make our world bigger whether that’s by growing imaginations, building our understanding of it or giving a different lens through which to view it. That’s why we say Bivowak is for the adventurous in spirit, you can strap on someone else’s shoes and explore new horizons!”

The newly launched site intends to grow the selection of titles and products on offer and would encourage illustrators and creators drawn to the company’s ethos to get in touch.


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