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People are more likely to visit A & E with migraines if the outside temperature is above normal, according to Harvard research published 10 March 2009 in Neurology*, which may explain why more and more severe headache sufferers seek the cooling therapy of the Chillow migraine therapypriced £ 24.95 + p&p).

The Chillow provides the natural and time-honoured cold therapy** used to treat dull, moderate and severe headaches like migraine. The Chillow 2cm thick cooling pad brings soothing relief by taking heat away from the head and dissipating it into the air. The cooling effect helps to reduce body temperature, relax tense muscles and provide wonderful relief.

Jamie Hanley from Slough who suffers from constant migraine headaches and insomnia has found Chillow to be his ‘lifesaver’. “I had a brain disease that nearly killed me,” he says. “If I couldn’t cool my head down, I would be in...

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