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London, UK.

All eyes are on the cloud, as leading recruiter Resource on Demand today announces ‘Cloud Architects’ to be the hottest job role of 2012.

Resource on Demand Operations Director, Theresa Durrant, said:
“The job role that we believe can radically affect change in organisations, through their use of cloud technology, through their profit levels and through demand for their services, is the Cloud Architect. These individuals will be highly paid for their skill set, will be much sought-after and will bring great value and a pioneering spirit to their organisations. 2012 will be the year of the Cloud Architect.”

Resource on Demand MD, Lee Durrant, said:
“Cloud Architects will become the new Investment Bankers.”

“Until late in 2011, many technology roles weren’t specific. There was a tendency to have a monolithic technological guru in place, rather than several well positioned individuals with...

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