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The Running Man's 14th & Final 2010 World Record; Mike Buss in support of Help for Heroes

Mike Buss, dubbed ‘The Running Man’ has just got back from his most recent and final world record of 2010 where he completed the Snowdonia 24 hr Mountain Challenge setting a new world record of 5 climbs to the summit of Mount Snowdon carrying a 40 lbs pack supplied by his most recent sponsor OMM (Original Mountain Marathon), all in support of Help for Heroes, Project 65 (The Veterans Charity) and Talking2Minds.

The support crew helping Mike on this challenge was provided by Project 65 & Talking2Minds.
Mike’s challenge was to run the trail leading up the mountain from the town of Llamberis to the summit which stands at 1080metres high and back down again as many times as he could inside the 24hr cut off time.
Mike achieved 5 ascents of the mountain with three hours to go which was not enough time to get back up and down the mountain for the 6th time. This achievement saw Mike run the equivalent of over 1000 metres higher than Everest Base Camp totalling a massive 5400metres.
Mike is now back in training for his forthcoming 2011 diary which will see him cover over 3,200 miles of the most inhospitable terrains on the planet...
• Mike’s 2011 diary starts with earnest in January where Mike will become the first person to have ever ran across the English Channel, which Mike has also said that this challenge has been supported by top sports scientists, and specialists in various areas needed to complete this challenge and warns that this is a very dangerous challenge and should not be attempted without major backing.
• Mike will then get himself ready to run 3200 miles in just 120 days from the Arctic Circle to the deserts of Morocco and then finally Badwater, Nevada Desert in the USA.
• 6633 Arctic Ultra – The toughest footrace on the Planet, covering over 120miles in -40degrees C
• Marathon des Sables – 256km footrace in the Sahara Desert in temperatures of 40degrees C
• London Marathon
• HERO 100 USA – Mike will again run his HERO 100 marathon challenge, but this time in the middle of Death Valley near Badwater in temperatures of around 50 degrees C where it is hot enough to melt the soles of your running shoes unless you run along the white line on the road running through the desert.

These challenges see Mike up to the end of August 2011 before he gets back to England to attempt to run continuously without rest or sleep for 6days whilst carrying a 40lbs pack.
When asked if there was anything more set for 2011, Mike answered ‘Yes but that would be telling, but let’s just say I have been sitting down with my management team and we have come up with some amazingly tough challenges in some stunning but dangerous places on the planet!’

With talks still going on with TV producers for Mike to have his own TV Endurance Adventure Show and signing with Captive Minds who have taken Mike on to manage his commercial interests including sponsorship endorsements, book and TV deals, Mike is set to hit the world stage with a bang and show he truly is Beyond Impossible!

All of Mike's Challenges in 2010 and future challenges have been in support of Help for Heroes in a bid to raise £1,000,000 by 2014 and now in 2011 Mike is widening his support to the troops by supporting two smaller forces charities Project 65 & Talking2Minds and even more money.

Follow Mike on Facebook and Twitter. To make a donation please text the word ‘Jeep’ to 60777 where the text will cost £5 plus your normal standard rate with £5 going to Help for Heroes. Mike continues to be sponsored by: Jeep, Brooks, TIMEX, Ultralieve Pro and The Big Adventure Store OMM, ISO2 Nutrition, Buff,
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For further details and press interviews, contact

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World-Record Breaking Endurance Athlete
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