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ORS Hydration Tablets

On June 18th, the UK’s 2.7 million Muslims celebrate the start of Ramadan, the month of fasting. Those who are fasting must not eat or drink between dawn and dusk, which this summer could be as many as 20 hours every day in the UK in the Summer. Observing the fast is a vital part of Muslim faith, however, it can be challenging, especially during the long summer days.

A survey of British Muslims conducted by Clinova found:

• 49% identified hydration as their main health concern during Ramadan
• 81% had issues with hydration whilst fasting
• Lack of concentration, which may be caused by not being at optimum hydration levels is a worry for 39%

The survey highlighted that while understanding of the importance of hydration during Ramadan is high, many British Muslims underestimate how much they need to drink every day and 57% find it difficult to drink enough to remain adequately hydrated during the non-fasting night hours. Read full release

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