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Is your back haunting you?

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Are you worried you will be creaking and creeping about this Halloween?

Are you worried you will be creaking and creeping about this Halloween? If so, The McTimoney Chiropractic Association has some devilishly quick tips to help you out.

• Putting up the decorations!

Take care when you are reaching for the high spots to get your spiders and sticky webs in place. Twisting, over-reaching and standing on one leg trying to reach the perfect spot can cause you mischief! Use a sensible ladder or steps instead.

• Pick up your pumpkin!

Everyone needs a pumpkin at Halloween and there are some giant ones about! Don’t forget to use your legs to pick up yours. Depending on the size of your pumpkin,remember to bend the knees or squat and use your legs to help do the lifting. You will be protecting your back from all sorts of nasty tricks.

• Trick or treating?

When planning your route with your witches and ghouls, remember they need to be able to walk home as well; otherwise you will be carrying them. Carrying tired children can twist the spine if you carry on one hip or compress the spinal column if you carry them on your shoulders. Try and plan your route and your shoe choice accordingly!

If you do happen to fall off your broomstick and need some chiropractic help to realign your body, find a McTimoney chiropractor near you by using the search facility on our website,


Notes to editors:

McTimoney chiropractic is precise, gentle and effective technique, used regularly by many to help manage back, neck and joint pain. The technique is suitable for the whole family: from newborn babies and pregnant women to grandparents – and even your pets. McTimoney chiropractic involves checking the whole body and where necessary performing gentle adjustments to help realign the individual bones of the skeleton. This technique allows the nervous system to work as well as it possibly can, bringing about optimum health and wellbeing in the body.

McTimoney chiropractic has been found helpful for thousands of people for over 30 years and it is growing by nearly 150,000 new patients per year. Over 8,000 people are treated with McTimoney chiropractic each day.

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