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Guests try edible insects at Chessington


Following a successful trial run last week, managers at Chessington World of Adventures have confirmed chocolate coated insect larvae, cheese and bacon flavoured crickets and chocolate ant wafer biscuits will go on sale as snacks in the theme park’s new Wild Asia land, which opens in March 2010.

Close to 2000 guests sampled the insect pick ‘n’ mix at the Surrey theme park on Friday 19th February, and with 100% giving the snacks the thumbs up and saying they would buy them if available, it was a no-brainer for the park’s general manager, David Smith:

“The feedback received on Friday was fantastic and it created a lot of excitement on park. The ant wafer biscuits were the favourite and we even had someone call us after we finished the trial via guest services asking for more samples! Our goal is to become Britain’s Wildest Adventure and we are confident these snacks will help bring out the adventurous...

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