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Press release
16th April 2014

Excitement builds for The Handmade Fair
presented by Kirstie Allsopp
Nothing less than world pomination will do

There is a ripple of excitement flowing through The Handmade Fair HQ. Not only are tickets for the fair due to go on general release on June 5th but the team, headed by Kirstie Allsopp, have decided to go for a Guinness World Record at the event in the grounds of the historic Hampton Court Palace.

The plan is to break the record for the number of pompoms laid end to end. We all know how much Kirstie loves her pompoms but she can’t possibly make them all herself. So she is calling on the great British public to help her achieve #worldpomination. Simply make 3 pompoms, tie them together and attach your name, then drop it off at your local Hobbycraft store or bring them to the Fair this...

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