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Christmas is a Good Time to Lose Your Job!

Christmas is the time of year when more people are dismissed or made redundant than any other time. Instead of enjoying the festivities of the Christmas period with the family, many will be deeply distressed and worried about what the future holds.

So what makes Christmas a time when employers turn into Scrooge? Quite simply Money! Getting rid of staff at this time avoids annual bonuses, pay rises, Christmas Boxes and paid holiday. The two week New Year and Christmas break acts a cushion to the remaining staff, softening the blow of the loss of their colleagues. For those that return there is the feeling of a fresh start and a sense of gratitude that they still have a job.

If you find yourself out in the cold and need to find practical help and useful advice, one easy step is to log onto . It provides answers to questions and guidance for anyone, whatever the time of year.

Greg Paine, founder of Armchair Advice comments “Losing your job is one of life’s major traumas. Lack of self-confidence and a fear of what the future holds are just some of the feelings that can overwhelm us. Armchair Advice is an oasis of calm and a goldmine of information - providing emotional advice as well as practical support by linking to specialist solicitors, job sites, and counsellors.”

Greg concludes – “It seems doubly cruel to lose your job at a time of year when you were looking forward to enjoying the Christmas break. It is also the time when getting help and advice is in short supply. Armchair Advice provides vital and immediate support for anyone in such a position.”

About Armchair Advice – Armchair Advice/Job Loss was launched by Greg Paine in response to his search for information and help. Job Loss received such an overwhelmingly favourable response that Greg decided to provide similar help and advice for other traumatic events in people’s lives. Armchair Advice/Relationships launched recently, with Armchair Advice/Bereavement and Terminal Illness scheduled to go live early in 2007.

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