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Valentine's Day isn't always roses!

Armchair Advice helps you avoid the thorns

For most couples Valentine's Day is a time to reaffirm and rekindle the love and affection they feel for their partners – but for some it is a time of dread. Many relationships come under more stress at Valentine’s Day time than at any other time of the year. Partners may realise that the warmth and love they once felt is ebbing away and that it will be impossible to disguise their feelings. In some relationships one partner’s love may remain strong but they know in their hearts that their feelings are no longer reciprocated. Valentine's Day isn’t always flowers and roses but can raise some thorny situations.

Greg Paine, founder of Armchair Advice comments – “Valentine’s Day can be an emotional roller coaster; some find it puts their personal relationships under real stress. Expectations will be dashed because couples envisage that everyone else is ‘in love’ and happy and they are somehow in the cold, which only serves to heighten their distress.”

Armchair Advice provides advice and guidance for people facing the trauma of relationship breakdown. It also covers job loss and in the New Year will address bereavement and terminal illness.

Greg again – “Armchair Advice is as much about trying to save a relationship as to what to do if it is irretrievable. We are there to help people identify and understand where the problems lie and suggest potential solutions and strategies to help. Our aim is to save relationships and to that end we provide a lot of advice on how best to go about it. But if all else fails we also provide help and links to professional bodies including counsellors, financial advisers and family lawyers.”

Armchair Advice provides comprehensive guidance on rebuilding relationships, relationship breakdown and how to get your life back on track. It has taken information from disparate sources and professional bodies to provide a single point of reference for anyone seeking advice about their own personal relationship.

Greg concludes – “One of the great advantages of the Internet is the anonymity it provides the visitor. Armchair Advice provides enough information, in the first instance, to avoid the embarrassment of a face-to-face meeting where people feel inhibited. Added to which our Relationship Forum allows the visitor to get advice from others who have suffered similar problems and have found their own solutions.”

About Armchair Advice – Armchair Advice/Job Loss was launched by Greg Paine in response to his search for information and help. Job Loss received such an overwhelmingly favourable response that Greg decided to provide similar help and advice for other traumatic events in people’s lives. Armchair Advice/Relationships launched recently, with Armchair Advice/Bereavement and Terminal Illness scheduled to go live early in 2007.

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