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The Internet - The New Agony Aunt available 24*7

Put ‘saving a marriage’ into Google and you get 2,310,000 replies. Put ‘divorce’ into Google and you get 96,900,000 replies. Forty times more people are keen to help you get divorced than are willing to help you get your relationship back on track.

What these statistics show is that the Internet has become the first port of call for the majority of people with a relationship problem. The Internet offers many routes to find help and advice and in the case of relationship breakdown it offers the comfort of anonymity.

Greg Paine, the founder of Armchair Advice, observes – “The Internet is the new Agony Aunt for those in this situation. It has become the benign and all caring soul that will not criticise and will not judge. It avoids the pain of having to look a lawyer or counsellor in the eye and admit that your partnership or marriage has failed. It also has the potential to be the tool for saving many more relationships than any other single organisation or body.”

Pre-Internet, when a relationship had broken down or was in jeopardy the next stage was a visit to the solicitor - an irrevocable step and one that would almost inevitably lead to only one conclusion.

Sites like put a much needed ‘buffer’ into this process. Armchair Advice provides its visitors with advice on repairing their relationships. It helps them examine what has gone wrong and provides advice on how to repair the relationship. This ‘buffer’ creates the opportunity for both parties to take a step back from the brink, consider what is happening and evaluate whether there is the chance to rekindle their relationship.

In this regard the Internet has become the 24/7 Agony Aunt - available all the time, whatever the time and always willing to offer impartial anonymous advice. It does not judge and does not blame.

As Greg says – “Armchair Advice is there to help avoid one of life’s most traumatic experiences – getting divorced. It provides free advice and takes a caring approach to anyone who finds themselves in such a difficult position. It also offers practical help by directing visitors to useful local services such as relationship counsellors. The rapidly increasing traffic to the site confirms its value”

About Armchair Advice

On you can find a specialist Family Law solicitor in your region to help you with your divorce if you wish, but Armchair Advice also encourages you to try other options before making that irrevocable decision. The site follows a logical progression offering help to those wishing to improve their relationship, those who have decided they need to part, and those looking to build new relationships.

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