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Diets Make You Fat

An experienced Advanced Hypnotherapist has launched an exciting new audio product – ‘Diets Make You Fat’ to help people achieve permanent weight loss with quick and lasting results.

Advanced Hypnotherapist Anne Thomson has helped hundreds of people of all ages overcome their fears, achieve their goals and for a significant number, helped them lose weight permanently. Now she has launched a product that introduces more people to her softly spoken skills to help them conquer their weight problems.

Anne knows and understands because of her own experience of the problem that diets are not the answer – she says, “for more than 95% of people diets don’t work, they lower self esteem and make you obsess with food. It staggers me that even with these statistics, people are still convinced that diets are the way forward!”

“I have launched both the website and the Diets Make You Fat Programme in response to a growing demand,” explained Anne.

“I have recorded 10 CDs that guide the listener through a comprehensive approach to improving how they feel about themselves and in turn tackling their weight problems. The CDs are presented in a boxed set and come with an accompanying book that are available via the website.”

Anne has battled with her own weight all her adult life and after trying everything, she found that the only answer was to change her self image. Once she worked on that, she found the answer to her own weight problems. As a result she has shrunk by 4 dress sizes and still counting. It is because of this that Anne is passionate about helping others to achieve permanent weight loss – but more than that, she is confident that people that work on this programme will achieve peace within themselves.

The Diets Make You Fat Programme is truly different to other audio products, as Anne explained: “I get a lot of people thinking this is going to be like Paul McKenna’s products or other weight loss schemes using hypnosis. It is not.

“What makes it different is many ‘weight loss’ programmes tell you to eat when you are hungry and stop when you are full. What they do not tell you is how to get over some of the obstacles, and they rely on achieving weight loss by sheer willpower alone.

“For many people that is not a realistic option and I recognise that, because of my personal experience of the problem.

Interest in the product has soared after newspapers reported how an American study had discovered what Anne has been saying for years: Diets Make You Fat.

For further information please call Anne Thomson on 01635 814495 or email