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Diets don’t work and even make you fat – now it’s official

Anne Thomson, an Advanced Hypnotherapist has written a programme and recorded 10 CD’s in a completely new approach to losing weight. The programme is available online, and takes the form of a written manual and a boxed set of 10 CD’s.

This is much more than just another hypnosis course, and to Anne’s knowledge is an approach that has never been used before. She doesn’t talk about what or when to eat, how much weight you should lose or even the health implications of being overweight.

As someone with personal experience of the problem she knows that the vast majority of overweight people know very well what they should be eating, and how much exercise they should take. Why can’t they stick to it? That is where Anne starts. The 10 parts of the programme are:

1. The Powerful Force of the Imagination
2. Have an Achievable Goal each day
3. Belief
4. Think Success – get that winning feeling
5. Win the War on Negative Thinking
6. Acceptance
7. Relaxation
8. Lose your Dread of Failure
9. The Value of Mistakes
10 Confidence and Happiness

A report which came out earlier in the year stated that diets really do make you fat, which is what Anne Thomson has been saying for years.

Anne has had weight problems all her adult life, and only got over her obsession with food and the desire to eat for all the wrong reasons when she decided to change the way she was thinking.

Anne believes that diets make you fat because everything surrounding weight, fat, food, health, scales and clothes becomes a negative. Diets focus your mind on food and the wrong ones at that. They make you feel bad about yourself if you eat anything that you were not supposed to. So people often start to hide the food they eat from others, really they are trying to hide it from themselves.

They feel bad when they can’t get into some item of clothing – and eat to comfort themselves. They know it is stupid, and that makes it worse – they feel a dreadful guilt for what they are doing, and a tremendous frustration that they can’t get on top of it.

If they have eaten healthily for a day, a week or whatever – they weigh themselves and when they see they haven’t lost anything or have even put on weight they again comfort themselves with food. Back to square 1 - they hate themselves and because they hate themselves they eat, because they eat for comfort they put on weight so they hate themselves and so it goes on and on and on.

Anyone that has run their own business, or is in management or sales grows their business by focussing on the positive, setting achievable goals, learning from their mistakes and refocusing when there are hiccups. It is a tried and tested formula that works. Anne’s philosophy is to treat weight loss in the same way.

Focus on feeling good about yourself, start to like yourself, when you make mistakes and slip up, accept it, learn from it and refocus. Believe in yourself – so many overweight people have failed so many times that they don’t believe they can do it. Set small achievable targets that will get you used to succeeding. Anne uses hypnotherapy to back up each part and to help get over the obstacles. Success leads to success and once we activate that control rather than the one that has got used to failing – the pounds just fall away.

It is Anne’s experience that when these things are tackled it removes all the obstacles there have been to success. People lose weight without even trying. They find themselves more motivated to exercise and because they are feeling good about themselves the desire to overeat just disappears.

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