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The Info2clear website: Now available in Spanish, French, Dutch, German and English!

Info2clear is the first European company to provide publishers the chance
to distribute their on-line publications and at the same time protect them
from illegal reproductions via its Internet Copyright Clearance House.
As part of its international strategy Info2clear is pleased to announce
its website is now available in Spanish, French, Dutch, German and
Info2clear has the ambition to become European's first choice for
intellectual property and copyright protection and will therefore provide
its website in most European languages.

The Info2clear copyright clearance process operates by automating the
sealing, distribution and delivery of digital content, providing a fast,
reliable and user-friendly clearance process offering content owners a new
way to realize the value of their content.

Although the principle of copyright is a very simple one - not reproducing
anything without the permission of the copyright-holder - the practice is
rather more complicated. As copyright legislation differs from country to
country, Info2clear has recruited a highly qualified legal team familiar
with European Copyright Law. A website available in most
European languages is another way for Info2clear to show its engagement to
offer fully customized services on local terms and conditions.

The technology that Info2clear is the first to launch in Europe makes it
possible to protect and clear content ('information') smoothly and
"In this way various target groups, such as journalists, publishers,
translators, photographers, authors and research bureaus, will be rewarded
in a professional manner for their efforts," says Anthony Belpaire,
Partner of Info2clear.

Studies show that only 10% of presented information is cleared. That means
that 90%, or approximately 20 billion USD, is lost in copyright business
through the lack of an efficient clearance infrastructure. Info2clear is
the first pan-European forum dedicated to the management of copyright on

About Info2Clear
Info2clear, founded in February 2000. In April of last year the company
concluded partnerships with Roularta Media Group, Uitgeversbedrijf Tijd
Bird & Bird and in June with The Copenhagen Post and World Online.
With Info2clear offers a service for enabling
information to be registered, and thus acts as a digital notary. The
intellectual property submitted is protected via an unforgeable seal.
With Info2clear has a professional instrument for managing
the rights to digital publications. These services create a new revenue
stream for publishers and make it easy for people to use content instantly
and legally.

For more information, visit