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The EU Copyright Directive validates the need for Internet Copyright Clearing Companies

Info2clear the leading European online copyright clearance centre is
following closely the European Parliament's debate on the subject of the
adoption of the EU Copyright Directive. As the final stage of discussions
will be reached on Wednesday 14th February, Info2clear is confident that
the vote will give a positive sign towards the copyright market.
Anthony Belpaire the CEO and founder of Info2clear said, "Finally, the
at the European Parliament on Wednesday will be the climax of our last
year's efforts. It will confirm that the products we provide, enabling
major publishing houses and content providers to make their content
available for republishing, generating revenue and protecting their
intellectual property, are a viable value proposition for the publishing
industry and any other industry that relies on digital content as a
resalable asset."

Info2clear has developed a technological solution by which content
providers i.e. newspapers, magazines, photographers, musicians, are able
make their content available on the Internet whilst at the same time
generating revenue and protecting their intellectual property. It also
provides a framework where the full proof of the rights assigned to the
final acquirer can be validated and verified.

The Info2clear system rests on two pillars, which are education and
enabling methods. "Definitively the EC Copyright directive shall bring
legal security in the area of online copyright clearance management.
Copyright information can now be tagged to the protected work and
through Info2clear's framework. Now copyrights will be protected
Europe," added Roland Louski, Info2clear Senior Legal Counsel.

About Info2clear

Info2clear, founded in February 2000. In April of last year the company
concluded partnerships with Roularta Media Group, Uitgeversbedrijf Tijd
Bird & Bird and in June with The Copenhagen Post and World Online.
a partnership has been concluded with SOFAM, the Belgian collecting
for rights in the visual arts.

With Info2clear offers a service for enabling
information to be registered, and thus acts as a digital notary. The
intellectual property submitted is protected via an unforgeable seal.

With Info2clear has a professional instrument for managing
the rights to digital publications. These services create a new revenue
stream for publishers and make it easy for people to use content instantly
and legally.

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