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Xircom Launches Family of Bluetooth Wireless Access Products

Xircom Bluetooth Product Line Provides Simple and Seamless Interaction
Between Mobile Devices, Offers Users Choice in Form Factor

London, March 23, 2001 - At the CeBIT 2001 show today, Xircom®, an Intel®
company and the leading provider of mobile information access solutions,
announced a complete line of BluetoothTM access products that provide
wireless synchronization between devices within a personal-area network
(PAN). Xircom will offer mobile professionals a breadth of Bluetooth
solutions within its popular product lines including the RealPort2
Integrated PC card and CreditCard PC card. A USB Adapter model and
SpringPort module for the Handspring Visor handheld will also be
available later this year.

“Xircom is drawing upon its established expertise in the mobile
access market as one of the first companies to offer its customers a
complete line of Bluetooth products,” said Wim Nagels, Product Manager for
Bluetooth at Xircom EMEA. “These products will significantly simplify the
lives of mobile professionals by providing cable-free, wireless
synchronization of information between Bluetooth-enabled devices.”
Xircom’s family of Bluetooth products facilitates reliable data transfers
between devices within a 10m radius, reducing the time spent connecting
synchronizing mobile devices. Using Xircom Bluetooth access products,
professionals can create a wireless PAN that travels with them and their
devices, in the office, on the road and at home. Notebook PCs, handheld
devices and mobile phones within a PAN workspace emit short-range radio
signals that trigger links between Bluetooth devices to seamlessly
communicate and synchronize information without cables

Mobile professionals can use the Xircom Bluetooth solutions to wirelessly
access corporate networks or the Internet using a notebook computer and a
Bluetooth-enabled mobile phone wherever and whenever they need to. Since
user’s PAN travels with them, connectivity continues as the user moves to
the office or home, connecting to a desktop PC to transfer files, or
wireless-enabled printers. Xircom Bluetooth solutions feature password
protected user authentication, frequency hopping technology and 128-bit
encryption to ensure a secure transfer of information between devices.
Xircom’s Bluetooth products span the company’s line of award-winning
access solutions. The products will be available through retailers,
valued-added resellers (VARs), direct marketers, e-tailors and system
integrators, and online at the Shop XircomSM store. Products announced

RealPort2 Integrated PC card

The flexible RealPort2 Integrated PC Card form factor can be used alone or
in conjunction with a variety of RealPort2 modules, including Ethernet,
modem, and ISDN modem. This form factor, with completely integrated
enables Bluetooth users to expand their options as wireless technology
matures. The RealPort2 Bluetooth adapter has a suggested retail price of
£109 and will be available in April.

CreditCard PC card

This easy-to-use, high-performance PC card is designed for computers with
only one Type II PC card slot. Bluetooth capabilities in this form factor
offer mobile professionals a simple, streamlined solution for wireless
connectivity. Xircom’s Bluetooth CreditCard will be available in May with
suggested retail price of £102.

USB Bluetooth Adapter

The Xircom USB Bluetooth Adapter extends the benefits of wireless
communication to both mobile and desktop personal computers. The flexible
design makes it easy to connect on the road, or set-up on a desktop. All
the benefits of Bluetooth wireless technology can be attained wherever
is a USB port. The module will be available in Q3 2001.

SpringPort module for the Handspring Visor handheld

The Xircom SpringPort Bluetooth module fits into the SpringBoard slot of a
Handspring Visor handheld, enabling users to synchronize with a PC and
communicate with other Bluetooth devices without wires or cables. This
module will be available in Q3 2001.

Bluetooth Benefits

Eliminates the clutter of cables and expense of cable replacement
Provides automatic communication and seamless connections within a radius
10 meters
Enables fast, easy access and data communication, at speeds up to 721 Kbps
Offers secure data transmission with built-in authentication and data
Xircom Bluetooth products feature the proprietary BlueViewÔ software,
streamlines the process of sharing data between devices and provides
complete user control for Bluetooth device management.
Increases employee productivity by providing real-time access to network

About Bluetooth

Bluetooth wireless technology is a specification for a small-form factor,
low-cost radio solution providing cable-free synchronization between
computers, mobile phones and other portable handheld devices, as well as
data communication and connectivity to the Internet. Xircom is a member of
the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG), an organization comprised of
leaders in the telecommunications, computing, and network industries that
driving development of the technology and bringing it to market. For more
information, visit

About Xircom, an Intel company

Xircom, an Intel company, designs and develops innovative solutions that
connect mobile users worldwide to corporate networks, the Internet,
Intranets and other online resources. For over a decade mobile
around the world have relied on Xircom for access to their information
anytime, anywhere. Headquartered in Thousand Oaks, Calif., Xircom sells
supports its products in over 100 countries through distributors,
electronic channels and global OEM partnerships with regional headquarters
in Belgium, Japan and Singapore Please visit for
more information.

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