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Does Internet Security interest you?

Going to Infosecurity?
…then visit GlobalSign at stand G016

GlobalSign would like to invite journalists to come along and meet the team
on their stand to discuss a variety of security issues, such as:
· M-Commerce Security
· Flexible Outsourced Corporate PKI Solutions
· Vodafone pilot projects
· Virtual Signatures
· Certification applications
· Digital Certificates
· Authentication
· Encryption

Vodafone recently acquired a 40% stake in GlobalSign to form a strategic
partnership in m-commerce security, which is certain to become an integral
part of GlobalSign’s future. Most recently they have released their new
service, MobileSign, a Wireless Transport Layer security encryption that can
be installed on WAP servers.

To ensure that the appropriate team member is available to speak with you
scheduled meetings can be made through Emma Gurd at Bluegrass on 01264
323141 or by e-mailing

About GlobalSign:

· GlobalSign, founded in 1996, is a fast-growing international Trust
Services Provider, headquartered in Brussels.

· GlobalSign is active worldwide as a Certification Authority and offers
online services for creating and managing digital certificates for
signed/sealed e-mail messaging and for fully authenticated and confidential

· GlobalSign develops flexible corporate PKI-solutions for all types of
companies, and offers various certification applications such as m-commerce
security, WAP, trust labels and timestamping.

· GlobalSign is developing a pan-European network of trust throughout
Europe, Asia and America. Today GlobalSign is present in Benelux, France,
Germany, UK, Italy, India and Chile, amongst others, and it continually
integrates other partners in and outside Europe into this network (now 20

· GlobalSign is also the official Certification Authority for the European
Commission and works with strategic partners such as Microsoft, Netscape,
PricewaterhouseCoopers, IBM Global Network, Siemens Nixdorf and Oracle.

More information can be found at