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JERSEY CITY, NEW JERSEY - October 12, 2001 - According to a Harris Poll
conducted in the aftermath of the September 11 terrorist attacks, the
majority of the American public favours the use of facial recognition
technology to scan for suspected terrorists. Observes Dr. Joseph Atick,
chairman and chief executive of Visionics Corp, (Nasdaq: VSNX), “These
findings underscore the public’s awareness that face recognition technology
can be used to increase security without infringing on the civil liberties
of the honest majority - no match, no memory. It’s time to make sure that
airports and public spaces are not safe havens for terrorists and criminals.
The good news is that the scalable technology exists today to deliver this
capability. For years, we have scanned for the weapons and explosives that
terrorists use. Now, we can scan directly for the faces of known terrorists

The Harris Poll of 1,012 adults was conducted during the week of September
19-24. It found 86% in favour of the use of facial recognition technology
to scan for suspected and known terrorists. The results of the poll were
reported by the Philadelphia Inquirer on October 11 and can be accessed at

Facial recognition technology locates faces in standard video and searches
them against a designated watch list of known criminals or terrorists. If a
match exists, an alarm will sound, alerting the authorities to investigate
further. Non-matches are immediately discarded from the system.

Visionics’ facial recognition technology, known as FaceIt® has already been
deployed in municipalities and airports, the most prominent being Tampa,
Florida in the U.S., Birmingham and the London Borough of Newham in the
U.K., as well as Iceland Airport. Visionics has been vigilant in ensuring
that all deployments comply with industry established privacy guidelines as
described above. In addition to the no-match/no-memory functionality,
public signage and technical safeguards to ensure database integrity have
been implemented. The Company continues to work with legislators, industry
and public interest groups to ensure that these guidelines are translated
into public policy.

About Visionics Corporation

Visionics Corporation (Nasdaq:VSNX) is the worldwide leader in
identification technologies and systems. The Company is uniquely positioned
with a comprehensive set of biometric identification product offerings:
FaceIt®, live scan, IBIS and BNP. The award-winning core FaceIt® technology
enables a broad range of products and applications built by partners (OEMs,
VARs and system integrators). These include enhanced CCTV systems, identity
fraud applications and identity verification systems for physical and
network security, travel and banking. The TENPRINTER and FingerPrinter CMS
live scan systems are the most widely used by government agencies, law
enforcement, airports, banks and other commercial institutions in the US.
IBIS is a revolutionary mobile identification system capable of capturing
both forensic quality fingerprints and photographs for transmission and
wireless transmitting the data to law enforcement and other legacy databases
for real-time identification. Finally, the BNP is the only commercially
available platform for delivering scalable biometric solutions. It
incorporates FaceIt® technology for implementation over large-scale networks
and real-time identification. The product offerings are reflective of
Visionics’ leadership position in the biometric industry and commitment to
the innovation of identification technologies.

More information on facial recognition and Visionics Corporation can be
accessed via the Company web site at or by calling
Frances Zelazny, Director of Corporate Communications at +1 201-332-9213.

Alternatively call Bluegrass, Visionics European PR Consultants:

Nick Barrance
Account Manager
Bluegrass Communications
Tel: +44 (0)1264 323141
Fax: +44 (0)1264 323251

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Visionics Corporation, see “Risk Factors” in Digital Biometrics’ Annual
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