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WLAN Visionary is First and Only in Wireless Industry to Leverage the Power of Virtualization to Reduce Energy Costs by 80%

BURLINGTON, MA-(April 20, 2011) - Bluesocket, the first and only provider of wireless networks with virtualized control, today announced numerous initiatives in celebration of Earth Day 2011. An ardent advocate of sustainability efforts and focused on “zero-waste”, Bluesocket revolutionized the wireless LAN industry with its virtual wireless LAN (vWLAN) solution, which brings all of the advantages of virtualization to the wireless network.

By removing 100% of the wireless LAN controller hardware, Bluesocket’s vWLAN reduces capital costs, decreases energy consumption by 80%, minimizes carbon emissions while at the same time producing significant gains in network capacity and performance over conventional controller-based solutions.

Bluesocket employees will reduce waste, energy consumption, paper usage, and CO2...

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