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A unique engineered solution to the common problem of back discomfort, Lunarbacâ„¢, has been launched by its inventor, Nick Langley. It is a bespoke 100% British product that uses high-tech foam wedges, held in place by a soft winceyette belt, to support the pelvis while the wearer is relaxing or sleeping. The wedges are in soft, medium, and hard densities of closed cell cross-linked polyethylene foam, fabricated by leading converters Polyformes. They provide optimum support and comfort, with two large and two small wedges held in pockets in the Lunarbac belt.

Nick Langley suffered from a progressive back problem for about 30 years before he invented Lunarbac, which he has spent a further six years developing to the stage where it is being launched in the UK. Disappointment with conventional back treatment drove him to start experimenting with his own cure, the basis of which is the firm belief that most back damage is sustained when...

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