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Lava Shell Massage

A revolutionary new treatment from the tropics, heated Lava Shells Rescue Massage, launches at BodyMatters Clinic, London on Monday 28th October offering all the benefits of a hot stone massage but with the added bonus of being eco friendly.

The Lava Shell Massage is a unique innovation in warming spa therapies that relaxes you whilst easing muscle and joint aches and pains. Offering the benefits of a hot stone massage but with an added bonus of being eco friendly, the Lava Shell Massage therapy uses 100% genuine recycled Tiger Clam* Shells from the South Pacific which heat up internally for up to an hour with a patented combination of natural minerals and water. * Lava shells used in the professional treatment are recycled from food waste.

Voted the ‘most wanted’ therapy by salons and spas in a Professional Beauty Survey, the Lava Shell Massage was launched in 2009 exclusively by UK spa distribution company, Shared Beauty Secrets Ltd. It is now...

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