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Bodybuilding Warehouse just announced the launch of four brand new high quality supplements including Performance Mass, Performance Protein, Warrior RUSH and Performance Complete.

Targeted at those who are striving to gain mass, Performance Mass packs a colossal 1102 calories, a market leading 61g of pure protein and 170g of carbohydrates from Bodybuilding Warehouse’s Opti-Max time release blend in every serving. As muscle gain isn’t just about the calorie count, Performance Mass boasts Bodybuilding Warehouse’s own Power Complex to give you more strength, power and endurance through a scientifically constructed blend of Creatine, Taurine and Glycine. Available in 5kg sizes and the flavours chocolate, strawberry or vanilla, the Performance Mass product is a high calorie, high protein, slow release formula with 18 servings per container and is...

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