Skip nav (Pronounced Be One), a fine fragranced dog shampoo, is the new brain child from the people that brought you, original designer wear for dogs.

Armed with the knowledge of how much people love their pooches and the lengths they go to make sure that their pooches are truly indulged the team set about braking boundaries and setting a new benchmark for dog grooming.

A love of perfume does not have to stop at the dressing table, now dog owners have the chance to lather up their pooches and have them smelling as good as they do. From exotic flowers to moody musks the range has a scent and formula to suit all personalities, making owners and their dogs true Partners in Beauty.

With a long lasting fragrance and outstanding ingredients, offers every pooch and their owner the chance to look good and smell sensational all in one pearly bottle. The blend is simple luxury and style added for every bath time. Read full release