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Dutch website aims to revolutionise sex education for UK’s young adults aims to offer a positive alternative to the sex education choices currently available to young UK adults - ‘Joy of Sex for the YouTube generation’ launches in the UK

Candid instructional videos created with leading Dutch sexologists and supported by international bodies

12th October 2011, London: A groundbreaking new website providing no nonsense advice and detailed instructional videos for young adults on how to enjoy various aspects of sex, launches in the UK today.

What happens the first time you have sex? What alternatives are there to the missionary position? Practical sexual education advice is sensitively portrayed on in an explicit and candid format. features 19 different video training courses that guide viewers aged 18 and above through a wide range of sexual activities and positions for both heterosexual and gay audiences. Each course lasts between 3 – 5 minutes long and are not only characterized by their explicit nature, but also by such key elements as respect, love, relaxation and kindness. The courses feature sensitively filmed couples already in a loving and intimate relationship, voiceovers and occasional instructional graphics.

Created by the Foundation for Sexual Education in conjunction with a team of leading Dutch sexologists, the site is the first of its kind to be launched in the UK, part of a planned international roll out of the concept. is based on the hit Dutch website, launched following extensive research into young people’s reactions to sex education. launched in a partnership together with MTV in the Netherlands in 2007 and has been visited by over 1.5 million people.

The Netherlands is often noted for its remarkably positive sexual health outcomes. Dutch percentages relating to abortion, teen pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections are among the lowest in the world. Proportionally, the UK has four times more 15 - 24 year olds with Clamydia‡ and there are nearly six times as many pregnant teenagers in England than in the Netherlands*. Leading sexual health experts and organizations continually cite the Dutch openness towards sexuality and universal access to sexual health care and education as important factors behind these successes.

Dutch sexuality education is based on an understanding that young people are curious about sexuality and that they have a right to accurate and comprehensive information about sexual health in order that they can make well-informed choices about sexuality and relationships. Dutch sexual educators are increasingly harnessing digital media resources such as Internet forums and online video to connect with young people, creating the inspiration for the site. aims to offer a positive alternative to the sex education choices currently available to young UK adults and give them access to methods previously only available in the Netherlands and Belgium. The site is supported by international expert organisations including Rutgers WPF, SENSOA, the Flemish Federation for Sexology, the Dutch Association of Sexology and UK HIV and sexual health charity Terence Higgins Trust.

Many young people first experience sexual education either through educational materials or pornography. Today’s educational materials often focus on text-based learning - focusing on the negative side of sex such as STI and reproduction prevention. Porn sites and related videos invariably provide an inaccurate and unrealistic impression of what sex, sexuality, love, relationships and intimacy are all about. ascribes to the World Association of Sexual Health’s position1 that sexual pleasure plays a crucial role in contributing to the establishment, development and stability of relationships and therefore positively contributing to general wellbeing. The site aims to bridge the gap between education materials and pornography by placing the emphasis on the positive, pleasurable aspects of sex.

The site aims to stimulate openness and deliver information in an appropriate tone and contemporary online video format for young people, whilst also offering information on sexual problems and STD’s and birth control.

Ben Tunstall, Head of Health Promotion at Terrence Higgins Trust, said: "At THT we're always looking for new and more effective ways to get sexual health messages across. In the UK, the quality of sex education varies widely, and too many young adults are leaving school without the information they need to stay safe. We welcome Show Me How's groundbreaking approach, and have worked closely with site developers to ensure anyone who buys a course will also receive advice on how to protect against STIs."

Paula Hall, UKCP Registered Sexual & Relationships Psychotherapist: ‘ShowMeHow is a much needed service that allows young people to de-mystify sex and access accurate and useful information in a non-cringey way. In my experience, many of the problems couples and individuals face in their sex life are a result of inadequate sex education – hopefully this service will go some way to rectify that.”

“Many young adults want to learn how to have and enjoy sex but their questions are not addressed sufficiently by governmental organisations and they feel uncomfortable with pornography. They may also be reluctant to ask their parents or peers. aims to serve as a ‘best friend’ for young people in their search for information and inspiration about sex. The site has an educational nature and is clear, reliable and inspiring without being cold and too authoritative. The result is a website that helps young adults to have and experience enjoyable sex and build and develop stable relationships.” said Peter Leusink, MD, Dutch GP, sexologist and spokesman for the Foundation of Sexual Education.

Visitors to the website can view a free preview video and thereafter each individual video training course can be viewed for a nominal charge of £2.00. There are also two packages available, consists of 14 separate training videos tailored for men or women, each costing £9.95. Payment methods accepted include via SMS, credit or debit card and PayPal.


*Source: Van Lee, L., Van der Vlugt, I & Wijsen, C. (2009). Factsheet Tienermoeders en abortus in Nederland/ Van Lee, L. & Wijsen, C (2008). Landelijke Abortusregistratie 2007 [National Abortion Register 2007].
‡World Health Organisation (CISID)
† Source: Rutgers Nisso Groep – ‘Sexual & Reproductive Health – the Netherlands in international perspective’
1 World Association for Sexual Health. (2008). Sexual Health for the Millennium.

Note to editors:

About the Foundation for Sexual Education

The Foundation for Sexual Education is an international not-for-profit foundation, created to demystify the stigma surrounding sexual education and provide young adults with the information they need, in the appropriate format, to make informed choices. The Foundation aims to empower young adults to make informed choices in their sex lives based upon understanding one another and acting responsibly towards themselves and their partners. The objectives of are to make sex better and more enjoyable, to meet the needs of young adults to make sex better and more enjoyable and to provide open, candid and realistic information to young adults about all aspects of sex. The Foundation has a Recommendation Committee. The Recommendation Committee comprises leading sexual health professionals from across Europe who support the Foundation’s aims and the content.

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