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Bounty Survey Reveals What Mums Say About Mothers Day Is Not What They Mean...

96% of mums polled by Bounty agreed that Mother's Day deserves to be celebrated

Children of all ages be warned, a new survey from Bounty, the UK‘s favourite parenting club, has revealed that mums who claim not to like Mother’s Day, refer to it as ‘commercialised nonsense’ and say they are not bothered about receiving a present, may not be telling the truth.

Even though mums are renowned for their selflessness, 96% of mums polled by Bounty agreed that Mother's Day deserves to be celebrated. Only 2% of mums felt that it was ‘commercial nonsense’ as opposed to almost a quarter of all mums who thought Valentine’s Day is a waste of time.

UK mums are being careful with the household finances and working hard to see their families through these tough economic times. They are also expecting to be thanked for their efforts and 60% of all mums polled agreed that they deserve a Mother's Day treat in addition to a card.

Faye Mingo of Bounty said, “Whilst not all mums appreciate overpriced flowers, calorific chocolates or the crumbs of breakfast in bed, you can be sure that the most prized Mother's Day gift is spending time with the family. Even if you are a mum who doesn’t enjoy the fuss remember that children love the opportunity to show their love.”


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