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Two hotels in Birmingham are the first in the UK to install an innovative new hot food vending machine which uses technology first pioneered by NASA in order to deliver a range of hot foods in just 90 seconds.

The ‘Brasserie Express’ vending machine will mean that the Express by Holiday Inn hotels in Castle Bromwich and at the NEC Birmingham will for the first time be able to provide guests with hot meals and snacks 24 hours a day, 365 days a year; without having to employ any extra staff.

Owned and operated by London-based company Brasserie Express UK, the machine works by combining a rotating stock freezer with a high speed combination oven which moves air at jet velocity; a rate of over 1200 metres per minute. This allows heat transfer of up to 60 times that of a conventional oven and when combined with microwave technology, the oven can reheat frozen food faster than ever before without compromising food quality. Uniquely it will also brown, bake...

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