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Hay Fever Handbag Essential

Lotus Olbas Tissues – The Hay Fever Handbag Essential

Itchy eyes, streaming nose, sneezing fits - hay fever affects people in many different ways, but one thing most sufferers will have in common is the uncomfortable feeling of a blocked and stuffy nose.

Congested hay fever sufferers looking for a breath of fresh air can now reach for Lotus Olbas Tissues.

Combining the luxurious softness of Lotus tissues and the soothing vapours of family favourite Olbas, the pocket pack is ideal for keeping in your handbag throughout the hay fever season. The comforting combination also comes in a larger facial tissue box - meaning that you can always have a stash on hand at home, in the office, or on-the-go.

Below, GP Dr. Sarah Brewer explains what causes congestion and tells us about a simple solution.

The science bit

When you are congested areas of your nose become swollen making breathing more difficult.

Summer makes congestion worse

Perhaps surprisingly, congestion causes more problems in summer than winter. This is because when we draw cooler air into our noses it helps to reduce nasal swelling, whereas dry, warm, summer air actually makes stuffiness worse.


Essential oils like eucalyptus oil, juniper berry oil and cajuput have pain-relieving, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties which help to mimic the effect of cool air. Inhaling them gives the impression of a soothing sensation and increased air flow.

A convenient solution

My family use Lotus Olbas Tissues because they are handy and easy to use on the go. The tissues are embedded with tiny oil capsules – including eucalyptus oil, juniper berry oil and cajuput oil - that when crushed, release soothing vapours to help keep breathing easy.

Lotus Olbas Facial Tissues are available at Boots and Sainsbury’s and are priced at (MRRSP) 58p for the pocket pack, £1.43 for a six pack and £2.29 for facial tissues.


Notes to editors:

There is a range of Olbas products, including Olbas Oil, which is a special mixture of pure plant oils with ingredients including clove oil, eucalyptus, juniper berry and cajuput. This combination of natural ingredients produces those famously soothing and relieving vapours.

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