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Vogel’s Bread and The Savoy Hotel cordially invites you to this years most gastronomic event

Invitation from Vogel

Wine guru and Savoy tea expert uncover perfect partners made in tea and toast heaven

Join Wine expert Susy Atkins and the Savoy’s Thames Foyer manager as they take you through the decedent toast and tea tasting experience that is ‘Perfect Partners’, showcasing the art of matching your slice of toast to its perfect tea partner.

The event will be taking place on Friday 28th October 2011 at The Savoy Hotel, London from 4pm.

Tea and Toast a simple combination? Think Again!

Wine guru and Savoy tea expert uncover perfect partners made in tea and toast heaven

There are some things that are just meant to go together: Wine and Cheese, Fish and Chips, Morecambe and Wise and Tea and Toast. Simple? Or so you may think.

Have you ever considered what blend of tea you are drinking and whether in fact it is the ‘perfect partner’ for your favourite type of toast?

Thankfully you don’t have to, as Salisbury based bread brand Vogel’s can now unveil a super app designed to ensure you need never ponder what cup of tea to enjoy with your delicious slice of the warm buttery stuff. Ladies and gentleman, be upstanding for the Vogel’s TOAST ’n’ TEA-O-TRON 3000!

So now you can snack on one of Britain’s most favoured food combinations, with a wonderful feeling of smugness, knowing you are not just treating yourself to any old tea and toast, but constructing a gorgeously balanced gastronomic experience.

Having created the concept of Toast Tones, conducted a National Toast Census and uncovered the formula for the perfect slice of toast, pioneering bread makers Vogel’s continue to champion the sublime enjoyment of browned bread with a gastronomic investigation into the perfect partnership of tea and toast, which has been transported into a neat app so that everyone can find out their ‘Perfect Partner’.

Find the TOAST ’n’ TEA-O-TRON 3000, which launches on Friday, October 28, by joining the Vogel’s Love Toast community at

If you would like further information, including the full press release and tasting notes or to RSVP, please email or call 01179 731 173.