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"What's YOUR Olympic gold?" asks Caryl Westmore, author of Goal Success (EFT Tapping) just published on Amazon Kindle

Goal Success (EFT Tapping) book

Let’s harness the focus, guts and glory of the recent Olympic Games to inspire our own “Golden Goals,” says Caryl Westmore

Let’s harness the focus, guts and glory of the recent Olympic Games to inspire our own “Golden Goals,” says Caryl Westmore, author of new Kindle book: Goal Success which launches this week with two free giveaway days (August 17/18).

“As we reflect on the excitement and sporting achievement of the Olympics, it’s the perfect time to reassess where we stand with our personal bucket list of dreams and goals,” says Westmore. She recommends a five step process that she herself has devised to bring life-changing results in her own life – and in that of her clients.

5 Steps to Goal Success

The five key steps are:
Step #1 Get Inspired
Step #2: Get Clear
Step #3: Get Focused
Step #4: Get Going
Step #5: Keep Going (until you achieve your “golden goal”)

Golden Goal

“One of the most important things I advocate in this process is taking the time to choose the single most important goal at the outset,” says Westmore.

“Just as top Olympic athletes focus all their resources, energy and mental power on achieving their personal best in a chosen sport, so I recommend choosing a single “golden goal” each year rather than a long list of goals that you try and juggle at the same time.”

So what blocks us from setting and achieving our personal best in goals and life?

Westmore refers to 10 Goal Stoppers which she says “lurk like sharks in the deep waters of the mind.” In her eBook: “10 Goal Stoppers and how to Break Free with Matrix Goals Reimprinting” she describes the main culprits as follows:

· Fear
· Poor self-image
· Negative Beliefs
· Damaging Self-Talk
· Bad Habits
· A single big constraint or block
· Losing Momentum
· Procrastination
· Perfectionism
· Overwhelm

Many of these goal stoppers were imprinted in early childhood, says Westmore. They were learned by example and from things that were said or done to us by caregivers like parents, siblings, teachers, church and society.

The bad news is that these imprints can be running our lives subconsciously, jamming our success system and hijacking our happiness.

The solution according to Westmore is to swiftly and effectively release and transform them using complementary therapies Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT Tapping), Matrix Reimprinting and Matrix Goals Reimprinting - all described in detail in her books.

“EFT tapping is like psychological acupuncture using fingers instead of needles to release stuck energy in body, mind and heart (feelings). It helps release the intensity of past traumas imprinted in the brain due to dramatic or fearful childhood moments of ‘fight, flight or freeze’,” says Westmore.

Once released, new positive empowering images of success are imprinted with the inner visualisation protocol called Matrix Reimprinting onto the brain, heart, body and then out into the energy field or "matrix".

This approach has proven results with enhancing goal success in sports performance, business, relationships, weight loss and health.

It is also being used increasingly by counselors, coaches and medical professionals all over the world to help clients release physical pain, fears, phobias, traumatic memories, anxiety, addictions, stress and PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder).

“When it comes to sports training, I believe this approach is the way of the future and am convinced it will one day be embraced by coaches and trainers for athletes aiming for peak performance and going for gold,” says Westmore.

Visit the author’s website for more information about her Goal Success books and coaching services.

About the Author

Caryl Westmore is “break-free fast” coach, speaker, author and trainer in meridian energy therapies EFT Tapping, Matrix Reimprinting and Matrix Goals Reimprinting. She works by Skype from her base in the UK and is also available to travel internationally. Goal Success is her second book in the EFT Tapping series that also includes: “You Can Break-Free Fast”
(both available for free download on Kindle on August 17/18)

Contact: Phone: +44 758 631 2177
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