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National Science and Engineering Week (formerly National Science Week) is an opportunity for people of all ages to take part in science, engineering and technology activities.

Alison Quill, founder of BrightMinds and a former secondary school science teacher, has a personal mission to reverse the stereotypical view that boys are better at science. She wants to get more girls interested in science and calls upon the UK toy manufacturers to put girls’ science at the top of their agenda.

“I am fed-up with receiving chemistry sets or electronics kits to review with no girls’ photos on the box packaging – only the standard grey-haired, bespectacled, white-coated, male, mad professor ” says Alison Quill. "I have even had construction products with the words 'Toys for boys' on the box!"

Recent statistics from the Institute of Physics show that there is a significant reduction in the number of students opting to take physics at A level in...

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