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BrightSale Launches Revolutionary Customer Control Panel

The New Vendor Control Panel

National online estate agency BrightSale has become the first UK agent to provide a comprehensive online completion management system to all of it clients.

From today, both buyers and sellers of property will be able to follow all aspects of their sale or purchase through a unique personal Control Panel on the BrightSale website. Each sale will feature a ‘completion percentage’ score, updated in real time, as milestones are achieved. For sellers, the Panel will also include comprehensive data on the performance of their property in the marketplace.

The ground-breaking initiative from the UK’s most innovative online estate agent is designed to further open up and de-mystify the completion chain, which has been hidden from vendors and buyers for too long. BrightSale Managing Director Andy Etches explained:

"Our research shows that buyers and sellers hate lack of information more than anything. The sense of powerlessness created by not knowing exactly what is going on causes anxiety and distrust in an already stressful situation.

For the first time, BrightSale clients will have real time information on every aspect of their sale. This will of course raise the bar dramatically in terms of what we expect from our agents, as any unnecessary delay or inaccuracies will be immediately apparent. But we believe that some traditional agents and solicitors have got away with shoddy and tardy service, and it is time that customer has full insight into what is happening with their sales.

This tool will go a long way to achieving that, and we hope to also making the process of buying and selling a little easier and more pleasant."

BrightSale's service has been trialled for one month and is released today to all of its 660 UK vendors.


About BrightSale

BrightSale was founded in 2006 by Andy Etches and Dr Jeremy Howard. The company has grown rapidly, and has become the UK’s most innovative online estate agency. Unlike other online estate agencies, BrightSale has developed and build all its own systems, and is not reliant on any third party software whatsoever. The company is one of only two new online estate agency ventures to receive venture capital backing, from the private UK-based firm Aspiration Capital Management LLP. BrightSale charges a flat 0.5% (pus VAT) fee and operates from a call centre in Manchester, with offices also in Surrey. BrightSale last week added over 500 properties to its for sale database across Manchester and Cheshire.