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Hypno-Aromacology Programming makes it possible to naturally eat the right foods.

Philip Winston, clinical hypnotherapist in Oxford has developed a very effective protocol called H.A.P. (Hypno- Aromacology Programming) to create a virtual gastric band that is food specific. Winston says, "It is a lifestyle change that ends the need for dieting forever”.
Winston further explains that “A lot of weight gain problems come from over eating seemingly innocent snack foods such as: cakes, chocolate, bread, sugar, starches of all kinds, chips, chocolate, cheese and dairy. These are higher in calories than you might expect. Just a little snack, and the calories soon add up."

Winston is also an Aromacologist. He studies the psychological effects of smell. He observed that if you eat food in a place that has nice aromas you will enjoy and eat more food, and in places that have unpleasant smells you lose your appetite, an obvious and simple...

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