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Endpoint Security Leader Issues Bring-Your-Own-Malware Challenge

£10K Reward Offered for Bromium-protected System Compromise

LONDON, United Kingdom. – June 1, 2016 – Bromium®, Inc., the pioneer of micro-virtualization and leader in endpoint security, today announced a new cybersecurity challenge for attendees at Infosecurity Europe 2016 to attempt to breach an endpoint device protected by Bromium, and are offering a £10,000 reward for a successful hack.

Bromium invites Infosecurity Europe attendees and global remote users to provide copies of the worst, most destructive malware and use it to target a Bromium-protected endpoint. Any malware that successfully breaches our endpoint protection walks away with a cheque for £10K, and Bromium will issue a press release validating the compromise. Participants should also challenge the claims of other endpoint vendors in the same way, and request to be able to run malware variants on their systems. Security vendors must be held accountable – both for unrealized marketing promises and for breaches they fail to prevent.

Get details on the Bromium Malware Challenge at:

“Today, more than 99% of malware morphs into new, undetectable variants in under a minute, making them more difficult to detect and remediate,” said Simon Crosby, Bromium CTO. “Yet the cybersecurity industry continues to peddle false promises and failed technologies that don’t protect customers from today’s attacks. Our goal with the Bromium Bring-Your-Own-Malware Challenge is twofold. First, allow IT security professions to test our endpoint protection platform assess its revolutionary security capabilities firsthand, and second, shine a bright light on the false claims of other endpoint vendors, whose ‘detect to protect’ promises are repeatedly proven bogus. Only a fundamentally different approach – such as micro-virtualization protection – can change the odds and truly secure enterprises in this battle.”

Bromium is trusted by the world’s most security-conscious governments and global enterprises as the only way to defeat unknown, targeted, and zero-day attacks that routinely bypass other security products. Bromium’s approach allows end users to click on anything without risk of a breach, providing holistic protection against malware. Bromium offers unparalleled protection and remediation by leveraging endpoint CPU virtualization to stop targeted attacks using malware. By hardware-isolating each user task that processes untrusted content, Bromium dramatically reduces the endpoint attack surface. Bromium also provides uniquely detailed forensic insights into malware endpoint attacks, and enables real-time detection and automatic breach response and remediation.

To participate, stop by the Bromium stand at InfoSec Europe (B220) with malware of your choosing or participate remotely by uploading the malware to our servers. The PCs in our booth are unpatched Windows machines and vulnerable to Flash, Java and other exploits. If your malware breaches our endpoint protection you will receive £10,000.
Bromium will also provide real-time analysis of submitted malware to help you understand its methods and vulnerabilities. For technical details and conditions of the challenge please visit

To learn more about Bromium and its next-generation endpoint protection technology, stop by the company’s stand (B220) at Infosecurity Europe or visit

About Bromium, Inc.

Bromium has pioneered the next generation of endpoint security that eliminates breaches. Just as virtualization transformed IT, Bromium is transforming security with its unique micro-virtualization technology. Bromium provides the world’s most advanced endpoint security, even against the most sophisticated zero-day malware. Unlike traditional security technologies, such as antivirus or virtual containers, which rely on ineffective detection techniques, Bromium’s solution automatically isolates each user-task in a lightweight, CPU-enforced micro-VM. This enables users to click on anything without risk of compromise, protecting the enterprise. Bromium’s technological innovations have earned the company numerous industry awards. Bromium counts a rapidly growing set of Fortune 500 companies and government agencies as customers.

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