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Business Well-Being Network Conference – London: leading business psychologist firm, Robertson Cooper, today releases research into the personal resilience levels of a sample of the British public and who is rated as the most resilient person in the public eye. A survey sample of 3,000 people (respondents to Robertson Cooper’s i-resilience report)* found the following:

• 80% believe they can cope well when the going gets tough
• 69% believed they generally coped well with setbacks

With the core concept of resilience involving coping with adversity, rebounding and adapting successfully to change or uncertainty, these findings suggest that the UK is better equipped to cope with the years of ‘austerity’ than pundits are making out.

Given this finding, related research was commissioned with YouGov** to find out which public figures the British population is using as their resilient role models. Nelson Mandela was selected from a list...

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