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Cath Kidston selects Info-CTRL

Cath Kidston, the leading British homeware, lifestyle and clothing brand has selected Info-CTRL for Retail to manage all of its merchandising data, providing greater accuracy, security, visibility and efficiency for all of its merchandising operations.

Info-CTRL is a unique system that enables master data to be held securely in the cloud and then downloaded directly into users’ spreadsheets. It means that each person in the merchandising, finance or supply chain teams can access information in real time, while continuing to use their own spreadsheets.

The plan is for the Cath Kidston merchandising team to use Info-CTRL to manage all of its master data (information that was previously held within a range plan) so that they can plan product development and pricing more efficiently. Info-CTRL will provide an audit trail and increase visibility of who is using which data and who is accessing it concurrently.

Karl de Bruijn, IT Director at...

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