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Energy Healer Anna Kitney is on a Mission to Uncover the UK's Potential for Success In Career & Love

we can’t just sit and wait for life to happen, we need to take control of our thoughts and live a life of abundance

AnnaKitney is the UK’s leading Master ThetaHealer® and a Thought Leader in energy healing. She sends out the message loud and clear that we can’t just sit and wait for life to happen, we need to take control of our thoughts and live a life of abundance.

AnnaKitney will be delivering a Theta Healing® Basic Course on Friday, 7-9 February at Grange Strathmore Hotel, London, SW7 5NB, to an audience of people who want to transform their lives. They will discover how to remove self limiting beliefs that have been holding them back from achieving in the workplace, attracting the love they deserve or living a healthy lifestyle and much more. ThetaHealing® has attracted other healers, Reiki practitioners, therapists, entrepreneurs, counsellors, NLP / EFT Practitioners, teachers, psychics, journalists and many seeking answers and peace.

ThetaHeaing® It is one of the fastest, most versatile and enjoyable ways to transform your life. It's a holistic approach which works on the emotional, physical, mental and spiritual levels of your being. It can help you to understand the true root of your health challenges, release negative beliefs surrounding finances and money, bring clarity to conflicts in your relationships, safely release trauma without the need to relive it and bring about a spiritual connection to your true divine nature and potential.

Barbara Bailey, Reiki Master, Spiritual Coach and Complimentary Therapist said I attended the ThetaHealing® Basic Course run by AnnaKitney, I was so impressed with the course content. Learning about Theta was an amazing experience as it challenges you to let go of past issues/situations, teaches you how to remove the negative blocks that are holding you back and gives you the confidence to take positive action in your life. The course has everything to offer – whether you attend for personal development or wish to become a practitioner – you will come away feeling lighter, freer and ready to take on life’s challenges.

Vianna Stibal developed the ThetaHealing® technique and taught Anna how to teach others to improve their life, become practitioners or healers, or find their unique life purpose. AnnaKitney goes onto say "this programme is a response to what people are looking for right now - and that's the Basic Course which identifies thoughts linked to our genetics, environment and past. I teach quickly and simply how to change your thoughts to positive and empowering ones and spot untapped expertise and talents in an instance. This workshop will help you, whether you want to get a new job, start your own business, attract your soul mate or enhance your emotional, mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing.”

The ThetaHealing® Basic Course raises awareness of the fact that we can transform ourselves and create our own reality from within. It is practical experience that will lead to a path of self-discovery and a balanced life.

The next ThetaHealing® Basic Course is on February 7-9 February at Grange Strathmore Hotel, 41 Queen's Gate Gardens, London SW7 5NB.

For further information or to book a place on the workshop you can visit or email or call 0843 289 9560 and quote - Manifest In February 14.

For more information about the workshop and interviews contact:

LydiaFrempong Phone: +44 (0) 7429 273 158 Email:

Resources: Twitter: annakitney


Note to Editors
About Anna Kitney
Anna Kitney is the UK's leading Master ThetaHealer® and Founder of Bourgeon, a holistic training organisation which offers Accredited and Certified ThetaHealing® Courses in London, and worldwide, as well as ThetaHealing® Sessions for individuals.

Anna is UK based teaching international students ThetaHealing®, providing intuitive readings, therapy, coaching, house clearing and private ThetaHealing® sessions.

Anna's journey began with research and training of nutrition and wellness through effective and powerful supplementation over 10 years ago. Which has now grown and developed to combine spiritual and energy healing. Anna is a wife, a mother who divides her time between a series of entrepreneurial ventures.

Anna has attended countless seminars over the last 20 years in the area of personal development, wealth creation and holistic health. She was mentored by renowned International Speaker and Life Coach John Kanary for 2 years in the area of personal development and growth.

A natural intuitive, driven by her passions in seeing clients and students grow and flourish physically, emotionally and spiritually. Anna believes that the greatest gift is to be able to help another person achieve their goals, dreams and desires.

Client Testimonials
Only a few days after reading about ThetaHealing®, I booked the Basic DNA course taught by Anna Kitney; straight away I liked her warm and friendly approach and also her clarity. I could tell that she was a living example of the technique and that felt very reassuring. In the flow I booked for The Advanced Course for the week after; then as a practitioner I attended an evening practice group and in this more informal setting Anna again was very open to share her expertise and experience. Lastly I booked a private session with Anna where again I found her very open and generous. In conclusion Theta Healing has been enhancing my own skills for my work and self-development. I could even go as far as saying that it has changed my life! Now I am so excited because so much more is still to be uncovered and I am planning to book my next course on Love and Abundance with Anna as I feel totally comfortable with her." Michelle Bhana Lonsdale, London 2012

"Attending Anna Kitney's Basic Course in September 2010 was a big step forward in my journey towards health and spiritual awareness. Her knowledge, enthusiasm and intuitive kindness created an energy which touched all of us there and will continue to have a profound effect on my life. ThetaHealing® is a very real concept which is gathering acceptance and momentum as it spreads its positive energy globally.

People everywhere are waking up to the truth of how truly powerful our thoughts are. We must learn to use them in a constructive way which will change our lives for the good. Thank you so much Anna, for making it real and achievable." Paula

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