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Company claims traditional cast iron radiators add class

Designed to complement today

An East Sussex based business believes that to add a little touch of class to your home, you can achieve this with something that is not only traditional but practical, too. The answer? Apparently it is cast iron radiators!

Polegate based Radiator centre have been in the industry for over 25 years and therefore can rightly claim to have their finger on the pulse when it comes to knowing what is hot and what is not in the business. And when you run a business with a name like Radiator Centre, there can be no mistaking what it is they know most about!

‘We live and breathe radiators here at the Radio Centre. If there’s something that we do not know about radiators, then in all truth it probably is not worth knowing’, explained one of the team behind the East Sussex based business. ‘The beauty of running a company dedicated to radiators is that there always a demand for the good we provide. People need radiators of course, but the demands of people these days mean that simply installing any old sort of radiator is simply not good enough. People demand more and more and that is why we have seen a huge surge in the demand for traditional style cast iron radiators.’

Designer radiators have been growing in popularity for some years now. Many renovation shows on TV have illustrated how a feature can be made of traditional cast iron radiators, rather than simply replacing them with characterless modern radiators. Sadly, when many people buy the home of their dreams, the old radiators have long since gone and this is why Radiator Centre are enjoying significant interest in their ever growing range of cast iron radiators.

‘We always knew that there was a place for traditional cast iron radiators in the twenty first century, but we did not think it would take this long for the restoration experts on TV to cotton on’, joked the representative from Radiator Centre. ‘You could say that our cast iron radiators have turned into hot property! Seriously, in the right room, our cast iron radiators look superb. They look like a work of art that – rather than being hidden away – you can actually make a feature of.’

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