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Choosing the right CCTV cameras is crucial, explains CCTV company

CCTV cameras and systems

If you are implementing a CCTV system at your home or business premises then it is absolutely critical that you make the right choice when it comes to choosing the CCTV cameras, so says a respected CCTV company.

Buckinghamshire based company CCTV42 certainly seem to know their stuff when it comes to CCTV cameras and they are hoping that sharing a little knowledge on what works and what does not will help put people on the right path in their quest to having CCTV installed.

The story behind the formation of CCTV42 is a fascinating one as explained by one of the company’s team members: ‘We stumbled into this industry somewhat as our main business was actually selling Porsche motor cars. We were looking into getting CCTV cameras and a CCTV system installed and went with a system from an established company. It turned out to be no good for us, which was a huge let down. That is what is led us into researching CCTV cameras ourselves, to the point where we can now offer effective systems that not only work but work brilliantly for our clients.’

CCTV42 work directly with the manufacturers in order to create a range of bespoke systems to meet the varying needs of all their customers, and the latest technology is always high on the agenda when putting together new CCTV cameras and systems. ‘We don’t deal in end of line old technology as it is often not up to the job. The latest CCTV cameras not only offer superb features but give remarkable quality pictures even in low light’, explained a team member from CCTV42. ‘It’s also very important to point out that there are many complete DIY CCTV systems available these days that you often see in the DIY chains or big garden centres. These look like incredible value but you must not be taken in by what they appear to offer. These are usually very cheap because they use inferior cameras that, should you need to rely on them, may simply let you down with poor image quality. They are a totally false economy. Our CCTV cameras and systems blow these cheap sets away, yet still cost a relatively small amount.’

If you would like to learn more about the CCTV cameras and systems available from the team at CCTV42, why not visit the company website at

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