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Summer sunshine means more need for home CCTV, claims company

CCTV Systems

As the UK basks in glorious sunshine, many UK households will be leaving windows and doors open during the day and forgetting to lock up at night. It may seem like a reasonable thing to do in heatwave conditions, but a leading home CCTV supplier warns that the hot weather and open windows are an invitation some thieves can’t resist.

Buckinghamshire based CCTV 42 know all about what makes for a good home security system because they have spent years developing their own top quality systems. They also know that this sort of weather is where home cctv can really come into their own.

‘A burglar looks for weaknesses in security because it makes their job easier. This means that hot weather can also be big business for burglars and thieves because they know that many people will be off their guard when it comes to leaving windows slightly open or back doors unlocked. We have all done it but it’s an open invite for people to take your things’, explained a representative from CCTV42. ‘Of course, if you have security CCTV in place then not only is it a visible deterrent, it can mean that even if you do suffer a security breach, you should have excellent quality video evidence of who the burglar or thief was.’

CCTV 42 came into the industry somewhat by chance after they purchased an inferior CCTV system for the Porsche motor company that they then owned. The system that they purchased may have looked the part but they were let down by the inferior nature of the camera technology used. They decided to look into the technicalities of CCTV cameras themselves and became so knowledgeable that they moved to form CCTV 42.
‘Anyone can walk into a garden centre these days and buy a DIY CCTV kit for relatively little money, and it may look like you are getting great value for money, but if you investigate the actual quality of the cameras, you soon realise that they simply aren’t up to the job. They deliver poor quality images in low light and the resolution often means images are not clear enough for indentification. Our cameras blow these DIY kits out of the water yet are still great value.’

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