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Only quality CCTV cameras give you true security, explains specialist

CCTV equipment

A leading supplier of CCTV cameras in the UK has issued a stark warning to people who believe they can install cheap over the counter CCTV systems and expect to see crystal clear images in the event that there is a security issue.

Buckinghamshire based CCTV42 are leading the way in supplying quality CCTV cameras and security systems to private and business clients all over the UK and have spent many years researching and developing packages that meet their strict criteria, but director Henry Firman claims that people tempted to save a few pounds by cutting corners and buying one of the many cheap CCTV camera solutions could be making a very costly mistake.

"If ever there was a false economy then it has to be putting your faith in a bargain bucket CCTV cameras based system such as those that you sometimes see on sale in cheap supermarkets or garden centres’, explain Mr Firman. ‘These packages may look like exceptionally good value but if it seems too good to be true then it probably is. I know from experience and many hours of research that these CCTV cameras are simply not up to the job and you certainly do not want to trust the images provided by these should it come to gaining an arrest or conviction."

CCTV42 came in to the CCTV cameras business somewhat by chance. They were running a successful business selling Porsche cars but were let down badly by a security company who sold them a poor quality CCTV equipment. This led them into researching and developing their own range of CCTV systems and gave them a valuable insight into what you really need if you want a truly effective system that delivers on price and performance.

"The secret is in the CCTV cameras themselves. You need cameras that can get in close to the subject and deliver great images even in low light. Only then are you going to get the detail you require to produce pictures that can help catch and wrong doers!", explained Mr Firman. "Of course, it is also necessary to strike a balance when it comes to price too, and while we don’t claim to be the cheapest supplier, we think a like for like analysis would show that we offer probably the best performance per pound."

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