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Book outlining the future of the High Street shortlisted for Business Book Awards

Shortlisted for the Business Book Awards

Shortlisted for Business Book Awards 2019:

100 Practical Ways to Improve Customer Experience: Achieve End-to-End Customer Engagement in a Multichannel World
By Martin Newman


Full of tips, advice, facts, case-studies and analysis for implementing customer service online and on the high street, and across a variety of sectors (such as retail, food, travel, financial services, cars and more).

Published by Kogan Page in August 2018, this how-to title has been shortlisted in the Sales and Marketing category for the Business Book Awards 2019. (announced January 18, 2019).

It was chosen against 30 other books in its category and 150 books entered across all categories. The final winners of the awards will be announced in March.

“With warnings about the demise of the high street everywhere, this author knows otherwise; 80% of sales are still made physically in-store. Innovative customer service, the author argues, is where the future of the high street lies. It is set to evolve, not die.”

About the book:

100 Practical Ways to Improve Customer Experience walks readers through practical tips, tools, guidelines and frameworks for implementing customer-focused marketing strategies. By ensuring that the customer remains the key focus, companies can identify areas in need of improvement and implement relevant steps to transform their business.

It has a particular focus on industries such as retail, FMCG (fast moving consumer goods), travel, financial services, leisure, food and beverage, and automotive. These industries are all facing major disruption from trendsetting brands such as Uber, Airbnb and Amazon, and so face more pressure than ever to adopt new practices and remain relevant. It’s part how-to, and part research-backed commentary on the role of the internet on the retail sector. A must-read for business leaders in a customer-facing role and MBA students.

About the author:

Martin Newman is a sought-after speaker, author and expert on customer services. For 30 years he has worked with big-name brands such as Burberry, Intersport and Speedo, Ted Baker and Harrods and was founder and chairman of the retail consultancy firm Practicology.

As head of Practicology, he grew his business to 100 people with offices in London, Dubai, Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Sydney and Melbourne before selling it to a US company.

Currently he sits on the advisory board of both service and retail companies including White Stuff and Wiggle, and is a member of the KPMG IPSOS Retail Think Tank. He’s been listed on Retail Week’s top 50 eTail Power List for five years in a row and has been named several times in Retail Insiders top 100 Retail Movers and Shakers.

Martin is available to write comment pieces, guest blogs, tips and advice, or for interview or debates on any of the following topics:

The state of the high street (he doesn’t believe that online retail is killing the high street; it’s more about the high street evolving to offer different services for customers)
Customer services (he believes this is central to the growth of any business and is a much-neglected issue)
Disruptors in different industries (such as Uber and Airbnb) and the need for businesses to reinvent themselves to keep up with modern spending trends
How to save the high street generally (he believes the high street needs to become more like service providers than retailers)

More information on the book can be found here:

For more info, or to speak to Martin or receive a copy of the book please email Africa Marti: or call: +44 7710 239 299