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To address growing dissatisfaction with large auction sites, KoppIT, a new global online market place, has been launched. This brings together buyers and sellers in a safe, easy to use, environment to agree a sale price that satisfies both parties. Removing the element of chance that disappoints so many potential buyers on auction sites, means sales are instant so buyers don’t have to wait for auctions to end.

Co-founder, Nigel Jones, explains, “KoppIT is ideal for individuals and companies who are looking for or wish to sell specific, rare and collectable items. Whether it is an antique tooth pick or your daughter’s first car and everything in between, we hope to bring buyer and seller in direct contact in a stress free way.”

Buyers don’t have to search for an item; they simply list what they are looking for. Any number of sellers can contact the buyer direct or via the KoppIT web...

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