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Advances To Hospital Management Information Delivered By 3M Deutschland GmbH And IntelligentApps


Winnersh, England 17th May, 2006 - IntelligentApps, a division of Sage and worldwide provider of Business Performance Management (BPM) software, reported today that its performance indicators and analytical features are benefiting over 60 German hospitals, thanks to a hospital specific reporting application and statistical data and analysis pioneered by the Health Information Services Institut (HIS Institut) at 3M Deutschland GmbH.

Developed by HIS Institut, ‘3M Management Report’ harnesses the reporting strengths of IntelligentApps to deliver a valuable analysis and business intelligence application for hospital management. The ‘Management Handout’ provides a fast overview of the key figures for decision making, while the ‘Detail Report’ highlights different aspects regarding costing and hospital performance. In addition, a selection of comparative analyses enables hospital managers to carry out powerful diagnostic related grouping.

The requirement "to belong to the best" is growing in significance for hospitals due to the rising pressure of competition. Each hospital decision maker is responsible for maintaining the balance between results, achievements, resources and quality.

Key to the success of 3M Management Report is the facility to review performance against a core of comparative national hospital data, or Diagnosis Related Groups (DRGs). Axel Bruns, Manager of Software Development at HIS Institut explains, “Users review their department’s individual performance and evaluate their results against hospitals within the same supplying structure using the 3M Management comparative analyses. Armed with this information decision makers can manage their operation accordingly.”

Twenty preformatted reports answer questions relating to performance range, key numbers of the top DRGs, the clinical profile of individual DRGs, and budget allocations of specialised divisions and DRG level. The specialised divisions are represented next to each other in the profile for easy comparison. The reports also enable more detailed analysis of DRGs, age groups, reasons for admission and dismissal, and waiting times.

Simon Black, General Manager of IntelligentApps and Sage Business Intelligence Division comments, “The IntelligentApps partners model is concentrated on organisations with exceptional industry knowledge and the ability to develop best of breed vertical applications. HIS Institut have designed an outstanding hospital management solution by automating IntelligentApps’ BPM functionality within their own application software solution. We are delighted to see 3M Management Report growing in stature as its use exceeds 60 hospitals in Germany.”


Notes to editors:

About 3M Health Information Services Institut (HIS Institut)

3M Health Information Services Institut was set up in Germany in 1996. Since then over 600 partners have undertaken benchmarking projects and 3M Health Information Services Institut can reference over 24 million patient data sets.

The system of the DRG (Diagnosis Related Groups), pioneered in the 3M Development Institute at Yale University at the end of the 60's, is a system of measurement that allows organisations access to important quality indicator base data. First used in the USA in 1983, the DRG has since been updated annually.

About IntelligentApps

IntelligentApps (, a division of Sage, is a worldwide provider of Enterprise Business Performance Management (BPM) software. Harnessing the end user’s tools of choice – Excel and the Web Browser, IntelligentApps delivers a wealth of BPM applications ranging from sales analysis, financial reporting, customer relationship management (CRM), and performance dashboards. IntelligentApps software delivers a high level of scalability using an innovative .NET technology architecture, fully supporting Microsoft Office and SQL Server Analysis Services and Reporting Services technologies. Founded in 1999 and headquartered in Winnersh - England, customers include Reuters, Shell, News International, Lloyds TSB Commercial Finance, Kesa, Dell, Spirit Group, Thorntons, ALEA, and the Home Office.

About Sage

The Sage Group plc (, is a leading international supplier of business management solutions. Formed in 1981, the Group was floated on the stock exchange in 1989 and now employs over 8,000 people worldwide in its market leading companies throughout Europe and the USA.

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