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Hip implant components

Contact : Ewart Woolley, CMPR : +44(0)1594 516079

Cambridge UK, September 2012, SMART-HIP, a research project led by Cambridge coating specialist Tecvac Ltd and leading UK hip prosthesis manufacturer, Corin Ltd, has demonstrated the potential of new enhanced wear resistant coatings to increase implant longevity in Metal-on-Metal (MoM) hip prostheses and future potential applications to trunnions and tapers to prevent fretting and corrosion. New PVD silver bearing coatings were developed which may protect against post-operative infection, and also provide a barrier to minimise metal ion release. Optimised coatings reduced the release of one important metal ion (Cobalt), implicated in chronic tissue inflammation, by 99%. These inherent wear resistance, anti-leaching and anti-microbial benefits have the potential to substantially...

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