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The first (in-depth) report into the Participants of the UK CRC Energy Efficiency scheme has found that there is a wide variation and some unexpected results regarding the perceived interest in Sustainability and Carbon Management across the 19 Sub-Sectors within the Public and Private Sectors that are affected by the Scheme. This will lead to more action by the Participants and opportunities for others to support them.

There are some revealing data and conclusions.

Strong performing Participants appear in all 19 sectors, but there are also a much larger number than expected lagging behind these Leaders. One of the key findings is that although the Private Sector outnumbers the Public Sector by 3 to 1 in total numbers of organisations in the Scheme, the Public Sector has 2.5 times as many Participants classed as ‘Leaders’ in their attitudes to Sustainability. Within the ‘Laggards’ segment, the Private Sector outnumbers the Public Sector by over 10...

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