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NHS Western Isles has reduced any potential clinical communication risks that are posed by frequent handovers and multidisciplinary working by implementing the Cortix patient safety system. The wireless Cortix suite includes Handovers, Task Management, Patient Lists and Ward & Admission Boards, driven by a mixture of PCs, iPods and iPads throughout the hospital.

Cortix improves clinical communication by making it easier and faster for clinicians and nurses to adopt a more structured approach to handovers and task workflows. With instant access to patient information clinical decisions can be made earlier, helping to shorten the patient’s stay.

The wireless clinical handover module uses the Situation-Background-Assessment-Recommendation methodology. Dr Jim Ward, NHS Western Isles Medical Director, stressed that “Effective handover is crucial to patient safety and continuity of care, and this is enabled by Cortix. This system, implemented by teams of...

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