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Canopy Brand Storytelling

Leading European growth marketing agency and media production studio Canopy acquires London-based boutique brand strategy consultancy Barebone to launch a new Brand Storytelling concept to help clients drive deeper engagement for their brands.

Alex Blogu, MD of Barebone, ex-Google and former Director of London-based Growth Marketing agency TrueUp, will be appointed as Managing Director of the new venture:

“Algorithmic ad copy and Frankenstein-like dynamic ads ushered in the fast food era of marketing. We are set to bring creativity back into marketing and blend it with the missing strategic layer to make Brand Storytelling relevant again. It’s the most important vehicle to convey brand messaging that cuts through the noise. The current model needs change and the false left-brain / right-brain dichotomy put to rest.”

Canopy is putting forward an insight-led Brand Storytelling concept that connects the strategy to the reality of the...

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