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The ZIO Service, a heart-monitoring device, which has been available in the United States of America since 2011 is now available in the UK.

The ZIO Service comprises the ZIO XT Patch, analysis and the ZIO Report. The ZIO XT patch is a non-invasive, water-resistant heart monitor that is easy to use and discrete to wear. It can be worn for up to 14 days – delivering high patient compliance and a higher diagnostic yield. The subsequent analysis looks at the heart beat data and a report is provided to the patient’s cardiologist.

The ZIO Service is backed by multiple peer-reviewed, published studies and is already recognised as the new standard of care for diagnosing atrial fibrillation (AF) and other cardiac arrhythmias in the United States. Since its launch in the USA in 2011 it has been used with over 250,000 patients. A recent study by Barrett et al showed a 57% greater diagnostic yield than the Holter monitor, primarily due to prolonged monitoring...

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